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Do You Need a Mini Fridge for Skincare Products, or Are They just Really Extra?

Skincare and beauty trends have changed over the last few years. Today the skincare is not only about keeping your skin moisturized or getting regular facials; rather it is about adding serums and essentials oils, toners, and cleansers in your skincare routine. Some celebrities have 10-15 steps daily skincare routines, while others stick to the basic 4 steps: exfoliation, cleansing, miniaturizing, and sunscreen application.  Research shows that when skincare products are applied cold on the face, they deliver better results, and that brings the skincare mini-fridges into the picture. A mini-fridge is used to put your skincare products so that you don’t have to go back and forth from your regular fridge to get your products. The temperature setting for...

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