About Us

Original idea

We know that offering competitive prices and a higher value for every dollar spent is something that most customers look for, I find that we always spend a lot of time online looking for coupons, and rebates. So is there such a website that has an absolute price advantage, and I don't have to spend a lot of time looking for deals. At that moment HAMARINN was born.

The trip that started it all

I traveled to Iceland in 2016. It is said that this is the hometown of elves, and they live near Hamarinn. I came to Hamarinn to try my luck, how perfect it is! Obviously, I didn't encounter anything, I saw a bright moon high in the sky.

We always seem to be pursuing perfection. Yes, maybe we are not perfect, so we are constantly pursuing perfection. After we have worked hard for a long time, we are still not perfect. However, in this process, we have also grown, and we are bound to discover our strengths. We will continue to improve ourselves, and we will eventually find our charm. You will be luckier only if you are brave in pursuing what you like.

We were onto something

Deliver happiness to every door with trust and sincerity. It is our honor that Hamarinn can bring you the perfect shopping experience. Pleasant yourself while pleasing the people around you and building strong self-confidence for yourself. We hope that everyone will eventually become who they want to be.


We source directly from branded manufacturers, which allows us to get better prices. And we are building warehouses in Japan and China, and we want to bring the perfect shopping experience of high value and low price to people all over the world.