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Is a hair dryer worth the investment?

By HAMARINN HAMARINN May 12, 2022 0 comments

Although everyone's hair is getting scarcer, it is still necessary to cherish this limited resource and start a healthy life from the "head". And the role of the hair dryer can really make a difference!

How fast you blow-dry matters

The core function of a hairdryer is to dry your hair. But different hair dryers dry your hair differently.

A good hairdryer relies on the wind generated by the high-speed rotating fan blades to "blow away" the moisture from the hair, rather than "drying" the moisture by the high temperature of the heating element.

Many people think that a high-power hair dryer can have a larger air volume, but in fact, the indicator more related to the air volume is the speed of the fan motor. The higher the fan speed, the greater the air output at the same time, which can "blow" the hair faster.

We all know that we need to dry our hair in time after washing our hair. Because the cuticles are open when the hair is wet, the hair is more prone to damage in this case.

But don't feel like letting your hair's cuticles close on their own by letting them dry naturally. A number of comparative studies have shown that natural drying is not the least harmful to hair, and the correct use of hair dryers can actually effectively control the damage to hair.

A study showed that drying at a distance of about 15 cm from the hair with a surface temperature of 47 degrees Celsius caused the least damage to the hair. Therefore, try to choose a hair dryer with a high-speed motor and use less hot air mode, which can reduce the time and friction that your hair is exposed to high temperatures.

After sorting out and comparing the common hair dryers on the market, we found that the motor speed is basically divided into two categories:

  • 20,000 revolutions per minute (20,000 RPM)
  • 100,000 revolutions per minute (100,000 RPM)

100,000 RPM hair dryers produce more air, but they aren't cheap either (hundreds to thousands). Before buying, you may wish to pay attention to this indicator or consult customer service.

Temperature control, is it the temperature of the fuse or your scalp?

In addition to the air volume of the hairdryer, another feature worth paying attention to is the intelligent temperature control. Hair is a protein, and various denaturing damage will occur at high temperatures. Using the hot air mode of the hairdryer for a long time to blow the hair at close range will easily make the hair frizzy, increase friction, and thus tangle.

Almost all hair dryers claim to have a temperature control function. But we need to distinguish: this means controlling the temperature of the "fuse inside the hairdryer" or the temperature of the "wind blowing on your scalp". The temperature control setting of an old-fashioned hair dryer that costs tens of yuan is used to protect the circuit to prevent the fuse from being overheated and causing a fire. It doesn't instantly change the temperature, nor does it protect your scalp. The hairdryer with an intelligent temperature control function adjusts the temperature automatically through the internal temperature sensor and control chip, by detecting the air temperature in real-time, the temperature is controlled within the range of not overheating, so as to protect the scalp and prevent the hair from being exposed to high temperature for a long time.

As for whether it is an intelligent temperature control setting, in addition to paying attention to the detailed introduction of the product when purchasing, it is also recommended that you choose as many temperature gears as possible, and there are hot and cold air distinctions. This is much more reliable than the traditional hair dryer with only two switches.

Does the hair care "black technology" sound very useful?

In addition, are the three most frequently mentioned "black technologies" for hair care: negative ions, collagen, and nano water ions are they useful?

We carefully compared the propaganda of the merchants. After consulting professional hairstylists, home appliance industry professionals, and daily chemical product formulators, we found that negative ions are useful in principle. They can neutralize the positive charge during the blow-drying process and reduce the Static electricity, so as to achieve the effect of making hair more supple. But it's not some inscrutable technology, and it's not expensive. Moreover, according to the observation of the research institute, most hair dryers on the market now have negative ion devices, so there is no need to look for them.

It is difficult to say how much the hair care effect of collagen and nano water ions is. Merchants will publicize that when you blow your hair with a hair dryer with these functions, you can blow out collagen and nano-level water ions at the same time to supplement nutrition and moisture to the hair. However, collagen is also a protein, which is also damaged under high temperature, and it was mainly used in conditioner products in the past. As for whether the nano water ions with "water content is about 1000 times that of negative ions" have the effect of moisturizing while blowing hair, we have not found the support of authoritative research for the time being.

Seeing this, you may also realize that the principle of the hair dryer is not complicated, but there are still technical differences between good and not so good, and the impact on hair is also different. After seeing the air volume and temperature control before placing an order, you can usually find a good hair dryer. And it is not cheap to meet the two conditions of high motor speed and intelligent temperature control at the same time. From this standpoint, an expensive hair dryer is really worth the investment.

But if you have used a hairdryer for thousands of dollars, but still can't blow your hair, you need to reflect: what you lack is not money, but a pair of hairstylists. The most important thing is probably the lack of hair volume. After all, You can't make bricks without straw.

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